Humphrey Price, Science Fiction Writer

I am a space systems engineer at NASA JPL, writing science fiction in my spare time. My mission is to introduce interesting plausible ideas for space travel, aliens, and the future of the human race through highly realistic hard science fiction stories.

I have written two unpublished novels, a novella, and a dozen or so short stories. Two additional novels have been planned out in detail and are in work, and there are ideas for others. The challenging part is getting them published in venues that have some level of readership. These are the stories that have been published so far or have been accepted for publication:

The High Card – Pseudo-western asteroid prospecting adventure with a shyster poker player who bets all his chips on a new discovery.

NewMyths issue #61, December 2022:

And, you can read my NewMyths author’s bio at:

Just scroll down until you get to my listing.

Fragment 27 – (science fantasy) An eschatological tale of the end of the universe.

The Sci Phi Journal issue #2023/1, March 2023:



Project Star Train Final Report – Humanity’s first interstellar probes to the Earthlike planet Proxima Centauri b return alarming results.

Interzone issue #297, August 2023

Stringquake – (science fantasy) A girl appears at the mysterious vacant house next door as strange events occur.

NewMyths, late 2023?

Temple of the Inscriptions – A science fantasy novella about two college age friends in 1973 on a self tour of Mayan ruins who find themselves thrust into an adventure through time and history.

Bewildering Stories, 2024



Interview with online magazine

Video interview at Humans to Mars Summit 2022

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